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As the website was launched officially on 20/4/2017 we invite all participants in the Namibian Hunting Industry:

To register and advertise with our website build as a “one stop” hunting portal for the country, where we plan to unite all hunting and related services on one website where you as advertiser will get much more exposure.


Unity is Strength - Ex Unitate Vires

The motto was originally used by the Dutch Republic. It is derived from the Latin phrase "concordia res parvae crescunt" (small things flourish by concord) in chapter 10 of the Bellum Iugurthinum by the Roman Republican writer Sallust

"In unity is strength" (1919); although older versions are more specific: "Brotherly love is the greatest good in life and often lifts the humble higher" (2nd century), "Just as concord supplies potency in human affairs, so a quarrelsome life deprives people of their strength" (16th century)

Hunting Namibia believes in solutions..........

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Essential information for hunting in Namibia

The Namibian trophy hunting season opens on 1 February and closes on 30 November each year.

Clients should ensure that they are booked and will be hunting with a Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) registered trophy-hunting operator, as well as a Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) registered Namibian hunting professional.

The three classifications of hunting professionals are:

# Hunting guides

# Master hunting guides

# Professional hunters

Two specialist qualifications are:

# Big Game Professional Hunter – a registered Namibian professional hunter who has passed the Big Game examination

# Bow Hunting Professional Hunter – a registered Namibian hunting professional with an additional bow-hunting qualification.

Hunting professionals must comply with all the trophy-hunting regulations governed by the MET.

Trophy hunting can be practised from half an hour before sunrise until half an hour after sunset. No artificial light source may be used while hunting. Trophy hunting may take place only on properties where permission has been granted by the landowner.

Properties where bow hunting is practised must be separately registered with the MET

The following is required for trophy hunting:

Permits must be applied for by the MET-registered Namibian hunting professional.

Permits must be issued by the MET prior to the hunt.

A separate permit must be issued for each individual hunting client.

An additional permit is required for hunting large cats (leopard, cheetah, and lion).

The list of conditions attached to this permit must be adhered to strictly.

It must be stated on the permit whether it is a rifle or a bow hunt.

A permit must be completed in full and signed by the hunting client and the hunting professional (after the time wounded or lost animals must also be indicated on the permit).

Permits are issued by the MET only.

A maximum of two trophies per species may be harvested, per hunting client, per permit.

Essential extra hunting gear:

Wind proof jacket/Thick padded jacket ( No polar fleece please - grass seeds sticks to it)

Sweater to wear at camp

Pair of warm gloves

Well worn lightweight leather hunting boots

Comfortable shoes to relax around camp at night


Good Sunblock, lip care and sun glasses

Malaria tablets - only for northern parts of Namibia

Taxidermy tags with personal details

Copy of passport to be handed to the Professional Hunter

Good quality knife

Good quality binoculars - 10 x 42 at least


We are uniting hunting outfitters and service providers, we believe that it will make the hunting business stronger and more accessible, and the client / hunters experience much easier and more comfortable roaming all services on only one website.
Here you will find information on Trophy hunting, Bow hunting, Plains game hunting and also hunting accessories.

We can also build a small website ( 2 pages or more if needed ) and host it on our servers for as long as you need it for very reasonable prices - with a sub-domain of huntingnamibia.com giving you the advantage of getting the same SEO weight in search engine rankings, as this website. Please use Contact Us tell us what your needs are, and get a free Quote.

Hunting Areas:

The administrative divisions of Namibia are tabled by Delimitation Commissions and accepted or declined by the National Assembly. The First Delimitation Commission chaired by Judge President Johan Strydom suggested in 1992 that Namibia should be divided into 13 regions, a number that has been amended by the 4th Delimitation Commission.
As of August 2013, the new division re-organization has 14 regions, Okavango was divided - Kavango East and West, which are further sub-divided into 121 constituencies


November 2015

Is Trophy Hunting Helping Save African Elephants?

African elephants are in trouble. Their numbers have fallen from as many as ten million a hundred years ago to as few as 400,000 today. Recent losses are largely from poaching for the illegal ivory trade (some 30,000 elephants a year), but also because of the shrinking habitat for elephants, as people open up land for farming and development.


September 2016

Minister of Environment and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta strongly believes a call to ban trophy hunting or new unreasonable measures that would unduly restrict what is known as “conservation hunting” will reduce the value of game species to their meat value. Shifeta made the remarks at the Ministerial Legotla in South Africa last Friday and said private landowners will have to reduce their game numbers to increase cattle numbers in an attempt to substitute the loss of income.


April 2016

Namibia: Significant Income Stream from Trophy Hunting Projected

Professional hunting activities are expected to bring in more than N$ 4.3 million to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) this financial year, according to the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) for the 2016/2017 to 2018/2019 financial years tabled by Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein. Estimates include N$3.8 million from wildlife utilization ......

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